Artist in Healthcare Certification Exam

The Artist in Healthcare Certification Examination

The Arts in Healthcare Certification Commission (AIHCC) is in the process of developing this national certification examination. A pilot version of the examination was offered throughout 2014, and it is anticipated that certification will be in place in 2016. Those who successfully complete the examination will earn the Artist in Healthcare-Certified (AIH-C) credential.

The examination is designed to assess the extent to which individuals have attained the knowledge and skills (competencies) deemed necessary, based on established ethics and standards of practice, for competent practice as artists in healthcare settings.

Certification indicates attainment of specific competencies required for safe and effective practice in healthcare settings. In arts in healthcare practice, individuals include elements of their artistic specialty with additional knowledge related to healthcare settings. Successful performance on the examination will certify that an individual has attained a command of knowledge and the ability to apply the knowledge needed to practice as an artist in healthcare settings

Purpose of Artist in Healthcare Certification Examination

The purpose of the Artist in Healthcare Certification Examination is to determine if the artist has the minimal level of competency to safely and effectively work in the healthcare environment.

Definition of Artist

An artist is a person who produces work in any of the arts that is primarily subject to aesthetic criteria and who has been prepared through education and/or professional experience.

Who should consider this certification?

Certification is appropriate for artists working with service populations across the lifespan in healthcare settings and contexts, including, but not limited to:

  • acute care hospitals/medical centers
  • long-term care, assisted living
  • rehabilitation settings
  • mental health settings
  • hospice and palliative care settings
  • home care
  • out-patient clinics

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Artist, as defined above
  2. Bachelors degree in a related field*
  3. Minimum of 800 hours of experience during the past five years facilitating an art form in a health context.

* Exceptions to the bachelor’s degree requirement will be considered for applicants with a high level of professional achievement. Applicants appealing for this consideration must have clear documentation of a minimum of five years of related professional experience associated with significant professional achievement. A portfolio review fee will apply.

The Credential

Artist in Healthcare – Certified (AIH-C)

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